Thunderbolt and Lightfoot (1974)

CULT – 0



1) Jeff Bridges as the playful mischievous Lightfoot.

1) An average heist movie. Half of the time, the movie is showing characters on-road driving cars meeting weirdos.
2) What’s the point of Lightfoot’s death at the end of the movie when it’s supposed to be a comedy movie? I don’t get it.
3) Weirdly vulgar for no particular reason.


John Doherty: The newest bank vaults have walls of reinforced concrete 5 feet thick, backed by 6 inches of steel. The vault door is stainless steel-faced. It’s 1.5 inches of cast steel, another 12 inches of burn-resisting steel, and another 1.5 inches of open-hearthed steel… A vault door has 20 bolts, each an inch in diameter. 8 on each side, 2 top, and 2 bottom. This holds the door into a 16-inch steel jamb set in 18 inches of concrete. It’s crosshatched by steel bars running both vertical and horizontal. This door is precision-made so you can’t pour nitro between the door and the vault. If that isn’t enough, there’s microphones, electric eyes, pressure-sensitive mats, vibration detectors, tear gas, and even thermostats that detect the slightest rise in temperature. Still interested in banks?

Lightfoot: I knew you weren’t a preacher!

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