Love, Death & Robots (Season 1)

CULT – 1



1) I’ll rate LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS better than Black Mirror and Electric Dreams. The core of any sci-fi story can be explained in a few minutes and we don’t a 90 minutes episode for character development. The short duration of each episode is the biggest asset of the show.
2) Stories from various genres including Sci-Fi, Supernatural, Fantasy, Post-Apocalypse, Absurdism, Cyberpunk, etc.
3) Exceptional animation quality from various studios around the world. Every next episode is a surprise.
4) “Good Hunting” – Exploring the Huli jing mythology in Cyberpunk Hong-Kong
5) “Suits” – Who is the real invader?
6) “Zima Blue” – Absurdist robot.
7) “When the Yogurt Took Over” – A warning for the inevitable economic collapse.
8) Matthew Perryman Jones – Living in the Shadows


1) “Sucker of Souls” – a plain storyline
2) “The Witness” – a mind-fuck story told for a zillionth time now.
3) “Helping Hand” – 127 Hrs in space
4) “Fish Night” – Great animation with a mediocre story


“Zima: My search for truth is finished at last.I’m going home.”

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