There’s Something About Mary (1998)

CULT – 1



1) A Farrelly brothers’ classic laugh-riot.
2) Out of all the suitors, Matt Dillon character of Pat Healy stands out. He giving Ted a fake description of Mary is the funniest scene in the movie.
3) The hitch-hiker with Ted talking about 7-Minute Abs. Ted’s scene at the police station is another gem.
4) Pat trying to revive Pufferball with CPR and electric shocks.



1) Bollywood ruined this classic, for the uninitiated, with Deewane Huye Paagal (2005)



Pat: Was Mary a little big-boned back in high school?
Ted: Big-boned? No, no, not at all. No.
Pat: I guess she packed on a few pounds over the years.
Ted: Oh, yeah? So she’s a little…? She’s a little chubby?
Pat: I’d say about a deuce, deuce and a half.Not bad.
Ted: My. A deuce and a half. Huh?
Pat: Well, you know, you shit out a bunch of kids…and you’re bound to put on a few pounds.
Ted: So she’s…? She’s married?
Pat: No, no, she’s never been. That’s the good news. Four kids. Three different guys. but no rock.Hyperactive little fuckers too. Tough to keep up with in a wheelchair, I bet.
Ted: She’s in a wheelchair? Mary’s in a wheelchair?
Pat: I thought that was part of your kick.

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