Glass (2019)

CULT – 0



1) M. Night Shyamalan saga of believers and non-believers. The comic-book aficionado among the audiences wants Mr. Glass to be correct like a believer waiting for the second coming of Jesus Christ to be true.
2) James McAvoy did most of the leg-work in this movie. Just like in the prequel, his transformation from one personality to the other was remarkable


1) The aura of the entire trilogy was diminished by some “deep-state” kind of organization trying to discourage and suppress any super-hero activities.
2) Less screen-time for David Dunn.
3) M. Night Shyamalan became too cautious to exhibit the super-power showdown of The Overseer and The Beast. While this strategy worked in Unbreakable (2000), this time, however, audiences were waiting for a grand boss fight. This movie also lacks the grand climactic plot-twist which is now a trademark to any Shyamalan movie.


Mrs. Price: Didn’t you tell me there was a showdown at the end of a limited edition? How come you didn’t know how it was gonna end?
Mr. Glass: Oh, Mama. This is not a limited edition. This was an origin story the whole time.

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