Wild Wild Country (Mini-Series)

CULT – 1



1) Osho owes his empire in Oregon to Ma Anand Sheela. The foul-mouthed no-nonsense boss bitch is possibly the most under-rated Gujarati of all time. One can wonder what she’d have done as a politician or as a businesswoman.
2) Building Rajneeshpuram: A Shangri La destined to doom. The disillusioned architects of this paradise were as corrupt as anyone outside. In the hindsight, it’s fascinating how Osho was talking about “deprogramming” USA while hiding behind the same US constitution.
3) Muddy Ranch to Antelope to Wasco County – A new “Mayflower” community within the USA. A perfect case study to understand how US voting laws can be misused.
4) One of the most gripping and binge-worthy Netflix documentary series.Kudos to Netflix for producing this long-overdue documentary about the cult of a dopehead sex maniac conman called Osho and his overly possessive secretary Ma Anand Sheela.
5) Great soundtrack: Void Vision – Sour



Ma Anand Sheela: Rajneeshpuram is a big living opera.Sheela a soprano.Bhagwan a tenor.Rajneeshpuram the setting. Operas are, at the end, always tragic. But there were so many facets, so many dimensions in this opera.I would like to say, “People of Oregon…think yourselves lucky that this opera came your way.”

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