Apostle (2018)

CULT – 0


Verdict – 2/5

Pros –
1) A disillusioned preacher rescuing his sister kidnapped by a supernatural cult.A premise similar to The Wicker Man (1973) and a period similar to The Witch (2015).
2) Jeremy’s ritualistic death from his own POV. Some crazy body-horror sequences throughout the movie.


Cons –
1) More was expected from the director of the cult-action movie The Raid (2012).
2) 30 minutes too long for a story with little consequences and stock horror movie music.


Quote –
Andrea: What happened to you?
Thomas: My Faith. I once held fast a belief in the divine. Like you, I knelt before a deity. Armed with the book of Jesus Christ, Ied my parish into the heart of Peking. And we showed them the glory and love of God himself and then they showed us the Devil.

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