If You Meet Sartana… Pray for Your Death (1968)

CULT – 1

Verdict – 4/5

Pros –
1) Another spaghetti western gem.An essential watch for followers of this genre.
2) Sartana – the suave anti-hero in trench-coat with his four-barreled derringer.
3) Cinematography – some interesting camera angles.
4) Colorful characters – the gold digger wife, the glutton general, the sidekick coffin maker.



Cons –
1) Klaus Kinski in a small role – this legend deserves more screen time.
2) Spaghetti westerns are known for their score and this movie lacks it.


Quote –
Goon: Treason is punished by death, General.
General: What did you call me? The Most Excellent Don Jose Francisco Mendoza Montezuma Rio de la Plata Perez Rodriguez, also known as General Tampico. That’s how I like it.

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