Starship Troopers (1997)

CULT – 1

Verdict – 4/5


Pros –
1) Some great action sequences at Klendathu, the Arachnids’ home planet especially the scene where Rico fights a tanker bug.
2) Average main actors but good character development – this movie is like a Rated-R plot in the Star Trek universe with great CGI. The movie itself is set in a weird dystopian future where a fascist government is running propaganda videos 24/7.
3) Even with a 100+ million budget, the movie got a weird low production cost appearance like an 80s space movie which is actually giving it the cult status.
4) The audiences will have no sympathy for the main villains – the bugs.


Cons –


Quote –
Johnny: M.I. does the dying. Fleet just does the flying.

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