Iron Monkey (1993)

CULT – 1

Verdict – 5/5


Pros –
1) A must watch for Kung-Fu lovers. A vintage Yuen Woo-ping period action movie.
2) Yuen Shun-yi as Chief Fox – A lovable character providing comic relief.
3) Kung-Fu stances: Shadow Kick, Super Eagle’s Claw, Virgin’s Sword Stance, Buddha’s Palm, Shaolin Fist, Grappling Hands, Carry The Bow, Shoot the Moon, Monkey’s Rod, Double Flight from the Sea, Fisherman’s Paddle, Rod that Sweeps Away Injustice, A Strong Force Flows from North to South, The Top Turns over the Sky, The Bottom Turns under the Earth, Fix The Body, Flying Sleeves.
4) Shaolin traitors: Powerfull boss Hin-hung and his scar-faced henchman White Eagle.
5) Boss fight atop burning wooden poles.


Cons –


Quote –
Hin-hung: Birds live for food. Men live for fortune.

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