Sacred Games (Season 1)

CULT – 1

Verdict – 5/5


Pros –
1) Team Phantom of Anurag Kashyap, Vikramaditya Motwane & Varun Grover have outdone themselves with this mind-blowing Mumbai noir. This series explores Mumbai underworld beyond the RGV point of view. What a debut for Netflix India!
2) Bold casting – Apart from the main cast, the supporting cast stands-out.From Sunny Pawar to Luke Kenny, from Jitendra Joshi to Elnaaz Norouzi.
3) Soundtrack. Right from the opening credit theme to the background score. The promo songs from Divine are also fabulous. (Kaam 25 & Jungli Sher)
4) Kukoo jaw-dropping revelation.Kudos to Kubra Sait for this bold role.
5) Extremely well-written screenplay. Two timelines executed simultaneously smoothly. The socio-political commentary by Gaitonde gives more weight to the series. The show is unapologetically multi-lingual.
6) Hindu mythology is an essential backdrop of this series. Episode titles from Mahabharata, Mandala theme in every episode etc.
7) Constable Katekar subplot.


Cons –
1) I wasn’t expecting a cliffhanger finale with a possible Season 2.
2) Nawaz role looks like an extension of Faizal from Wasseypur. He is so good at playing such characters that he’s typecasted just like De Niro as a gangster.
3) The nuclear connection is predictable.
4) Radhika Apte – not suited for a RAW officer role.


Quote –
“dharmon ko roop yahi hai, raahgir go prem se ghar bulao, aadar samet bhojan grahan karao, fir uske aatma pe kabza kar lo”

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