Majboor (1974)

CULT – 1

Verdict – 5/5

Pros –
1) A Salim-Javed thriller.A man staring at his death’s door last attempt to redeem his family. The concept very similar to Breaking Bad.
2) Pran as Michael D’Souza – He appears with his hand-binoculars in the 3rd act of the movie but stoles the entire show. His powerful screen presence is unmatchable.
3) Mac Mohan as Prakash – One of the rare movie where he’s playing a character with more than one spoken line.
4) Great supporting cast
5) Memorable songs like : Roothe Rab Ko & Daru Ki Botol Mein


Cons –


Quote –
Ravi : michael, suna hai choron ke bhi kuch usool hotey hain ?
Michael : tumne thik hi suna hai, choron ke hi to usool hotey hain.

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