Black Mirror (Season 4)

CULT – 1

Verdict – 5/5


Pros –
1) Most uplifting Black Mirror season so far. Less disturbing, more entertaining.
2) USS Callister: Nerd Rage – The movie.
3) Hang the DJ: A Black Mirror romance with an advanced dating app.
4) Metalhead: The 4-legged robotic dog will go down in history as a serious competition to T-800 and Omnidroid
5) Black Museum: Dr. Dawson subplot is better than rest of the episode.


Cons –
1) Arkangel: Hazards of advance technology as already explored in season 3
2) Crocodile: As already explored in Season 1 (The Entire History of You)


Quote –
Nanette Cole: Okay, stealing my pussy is a RED FUCKING LINE !

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