Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi (2017)

CULT – 0


Verdict – 2/5


Pros –
1) Leia and Luke using force to their maximum capacity.The hologram Luke plot-twist is remarkable.
2) Killing Snoke midway: bold step to kill the prime boss in the middle of the film.
3) Holdo sacrifices by ramming Snoke’s fleet at hyperspace.


Cons –
1) Annoying & brooding Luke on Ahch-To – The entire island sequence was slow and boring.
2) Phasma gone without making a mark – this shallow character died without a single memorable scene
3) Luke’s death – meaningless end of the prime character.
4) Finn & Rose in Canto Bight casino – stupid PETA plot.


Quote –
Yoda: The greatest teacher, failure is.

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