Rio Bravo (1959)

CULT – 0


Verdict – 1/5


Pros –


1) While the movie is highlighting John Wayne, Dean Martin & Ricky Nelson as the 3 main stars of the story, the movie belongs to Walter Brennan as the grumpy game-legged deputy.
2) Final shootout with dynamites


Cons –


1) 60 Minutes too long for a generic western with zero plot twists and no moral conflicts.
2) 141 minutes with stock characters – The law-abiding Sheriff, Mexican saloon owner, a Young Gun, and Angie Dickinson in a meaningless role.



Quote –


Chance: Stumpy, get out of there.
Stumpy: No. Come on, I got a front seat.It’s a good one.
Chance: You got a good seat, all right.That’s wagon’s full of dynamite.
Stumpy: Jumping Jehoshaphat.

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