Baby Driver (2017)

CULT – 0

Verdict – 3/5


Pros –


1) The character of a music-obsessed driven criminal.One scene in particular where he can’t get the stolen car started mid-way a police chase without getting the right song from radio-station.
2) Jamie Foxx as Bats – one step away from Anton Chigurh.
3) There are few Tarantino-esque moments of intense uncertainty and anticipation
4) Gunsmiths massacre scene where gunshots sync with music.


Cons –


1) 4 Years wait for an Edgar Wright movie and not worth it. Frustrating to see a director with huge potential wasting his talent on such story. While James Cameron is already wasting rest of his life in Avatar sequels it’s sad to see Edgar Wright do something similar.
2) Ansel Elgort as Baby … Why ?
3) The climax … Dream or reality ?



Quote –


Baby: You and I are a team.
Doc: Don’t feed me any more lines from ‘Monsters, Inc.’ It pisses me off!

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