Game of Thrones (Season 7)

CULT – 1


Verdict – 3/5


Pros –


1) Olenna’s badass confession.
2) Bronn almost killing Drogon.
3) Bran & Arya’s return to Winterfell.
4) Suicide mission beyond the wall led by Jon Snow. Beric & Thoros fighting wights with flaming swords was truly amazing.
5) Uncle Benjen’s 2nd rescue beyond the wall. Under-rated character deserves a big spin-off.


Cons –


1) Way too fast as compared to past 6 seasons.
2) Too many online theories corrupted the show for us.We are ourselves to blame.
3) Unnecessary obligatory sex-scenes



Quote –


Sansa : “When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies,but the pack survives.”

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