Baywatch (2017)

CULT – 0

Verdict – 0/5

Pros –



Cons –

1) A movie so clueless that it wasn’t even able to pull off decent cameo plot for David Hasselhoff & Pamela Anderson.Absolute disaster.
2) A so-called comedy movie where you end up killing Hannibal Buress.
3) Dick jokes from stone-age
4) Priyanka Chopra as Victoria Leeds – a weak fancy annoying character with zero scope
5) For the director Seth Gordon, another reason to quit hollywood.


Quote –


Summer Quinn: And not a single fuck was given.



  1. had to make an account just to call the reviewer out on something. Baywatch gets a few things right

    Points fun of itself (the rock coming up with boyband names for Efron, Efron himself playing a very self aware pretty boy, his female co-lead also plays his polar opposite, while efron tries to be coy with her shes much more in your face like a bro), Burgess dying was shit, but baywatch could have not tried to be factual, it did so by showing you that a shark did indeed bite him as shown by the movie, but rather than have his entire boy chomped to bits they did the correct thing as sharks will only bite onto a human but prefer the taste of salt water marine life so the bite it took out of burgess was 100% factual of what a shark would do. A female lead not drivin by a man or one that even has a particular love interest is something fresh for a change but you crapped on the villain? Why, because she wasnt your stereotypical villain? she had a good plan, with good resources but the people she gave her money too (men) couldnt do a simple job of killing lifeguards haha alright, she got closer than anyone else did and if not for the clisqe ending she might have got the kill on zefron. The morgue dropping fat was also another fact that you missed, maybe you got bored halfway through the first 5 minutes and fell asleep to miss its genius parts and also its comical parts but the fact you saw CJ wearing tightfitting swimwear and all you got was dick joke i guess im not surprised. have fun at parties guarding the stereo, wanker

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