The Wailing (2016)

CULT – 1


Verdict – 5/5


Pros –


1) The open ended story with all sorts of interpretation.
2) Biblical references, Shamanism vs Christianity, Faith – a roller-coaster plot. All credits to the writer-director Na Hong-jin.
3) This movie is a melting-pot for several movie genres like fantasy, horror, zombie, super-natural, thriller and it keeps the audience confused.
4) The movie will get confusing for viewers after a second viewing.
5) The village backdrop with rain – brilliant cinematography.


Cons –




Quote –


Il-Gwang: If you go fishing, do you know what you’ll catch?
Jong-Goo: No.
Il-Gwang: He’s just fishing. Not even he knows what he’ll catch. He just threw out the bait, and your daughter took it.

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