Westworld (Season 1)

CULT – 0

Verdict – 3/5


Pros –


1) Core sci-fi Concept of a future park.
2) Anthony Hopkins as the lead character.The hero and the villain.
3) “Man in Black/William” twist : the revelation that parallel narratives were actually alternate timelines.
4) Bernard Lowe/Arnold twist


Cons –


1) 4 episodes too long.
2) Thandie Newton as Maeve : most boring sub-plot.
3) Evan Rachel Wood as Dolores subplot : too much philosophy
4) The main plot-hole of the story is Ford.He is the ringleader. No matter how hard the host try,their final move is just another narrative.So no plot-twist can alter the climax when it is already decided by Ford.


Quote –

Dr. Robert Ford: Since I was a child… I always loved a good story. I believed that stories helped us to ennoble ourselves, to fix what was broken in us, and to help us become the people we dreamed of being. Lies that told a deeper truth.


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