Daredevil (season 2)

CULT – 1


Verdict – 5/5



Pros –

1) Punisher: best possible portrayal
2) Elecktra with Daredevil: made for each other
3) Yaminote mythology
4) Zombie Yakuza Ninja army: the supernatural aspect
5) Return of Stick with his own mythology of Chaste
6) Punisher: Prison massacre scene
7) The body horror aspect of violence & hand to hand combat makes it one of the most gruesome superhero series.
8) Final revelation / Electra out of grave



Cons –

1) Clancy Brown as Blacksmith : too much built up but not upto the hype.




Quote –

Daredevil: Why are you doing this?
Frank Castle: ‘Cause I think you’re a half-measure. I think you’re a man who can’t finish the job.

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