Garm Hava (1973)

CULT – 1

Verdict – 5/5

Pros –
1) Balraj Sahni’s screen presence
2) The way it conveys the plight of post-partition Indian Muslims; without any melodrama.
3) Great ensemble-cast
4) Positive Climax
5) Blunt and politically incorrect.


Cons –
1) Amina’s sub-plot; Though Balraj Sahni is the central character of this movie, this boring sub-plot ruined almost half screen time of the great actor.


Quote –
“Jo Door Se Toofan Ka Karte Hain Nazara
Un Ke Liye Toofaan Yahaan Bhi Hai, Wahaan Bhi
Dhaare Mein Jo Mil Jaaoge, Ban Jaao Ge Dhaara
Hai Waqt Ka Elaan, Yahaan Bhi Hai, Wahaan Bhi”

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