Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

CULT – 0

Verdict – 3/5

Pros –

1) “Veronica” vs. Hulk
2) Opening Sokovia Battle ; Absolute comic-book action
3) Dark Haunting visions instigated by Scarlet Witch
4) Ultron : super villain with a personality
5) Superhero conversation – just like Avengers I
6) Paul Bettany finally making physical appearance as Vision (and lifting “Mjolnir” ).
7) Seoul street battle (with flying truck scene)
8) Hawkeye’s family
Cons –

1) No post end credit scene – it was a bummer
2) The story is multi-layered in the first half but ended up with a mediocre AI droid with the most cliched mindset.
3) Loki’s scepter is still the corning-stone of the story.
4) Shallow character development of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch.
5) Andy Serkis – strong screen presence but less screen time (hoping he’ll return in MCU)
6) Thor and Dr. Selvig plot – leaves too many unanswered questions

Quote –

“Peace in our time.”


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