True Romance (1993)

CULT – 1

Verdict – 5/5


Pros –
1) Nerdy Clarence (Watching Sonny Chiba triple feature / Working in a comic store and discussing Spiderman 1 on his date / discussing Elvis’ rockability as pick-up lines)
2) The mentor “Elvis”
3) The huge supporting star-cast (including Samuel L Jackson)
4) Christopher Walken Cameo (almost Pulp Fiction)
5) Dennis Hopper’s Sicilian Monologue
6) Gary Oldman as Drexl the pimp
7) James Gandolfini Murder Scene
8) Bum Brad Pitt
9) “Coming Home in a Bodybag” (A possible Spin-off)


Cons –
1) Missing Non-Linear Storyline (In that case there would be no Pulp-Fiction)


Quote –
Clarence : You wanna see what Spider-Man#1 looks like?
Alabama : You bet.

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